Cannabis light tips and tricks

We got and ordered ourselves several Cannabis light products meant to be used as a tea or more realistically for smoking from several producers. Some kept their promises and provide very natural, high content CBD products, but others tend to use several tricks in order to make their product compliant by law or to be more appealing to customers. We are certainly not judging what is right or wrong, but just want for an end customer to be aware of what they are possibly consuming.

Some facts:

Usually best CBD strains have a maximum ratio of CBD:THC 30:1, this means that some product claiming CBD higher than 7% should have THC>0.2%. As THC higher than 0.2% is not allowed by many countries in EU the producers use different methods in order to reduce THC content in the flower. Some common methods include:

  • Using UV, heat and ageing to reduce THC amount to acceptable level. Result: Dry flower, lost almost all the terpenes with oxidation byproducts
  • Using washing with different solvents (CO2, isopropanol, ethanol, butane). Result: Dry flower, lost terpene profile, solvent residues present, low CBD content. 
  • Spraying washed/low power CBD flower with concentrates:
    • Using CBD extract 
    • Using CBD isolate. Results are funny looking flowers, sticky to touch with possible visible residues. 
  • Spraying Hemp flower with Spice ingredients:
    • Using Oleamide. What is Oleamide? Oleamide is a plasticiser chemical used in plastics. Because of its high similarity to endocannabinoid compounds it has high affinity to CB1 and CB2 receptors. Oleamide can be also found in some of the street drugs called Spice.

How can we help:

By using our experience and equipment (gas chromatography coupled with mass selective detector) we can detect the adulterants and identify specific qualities of CBD flowers… 

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