We want to assure you economic and high quality analytical services and also want to reward our loyal customers. Because of that we prepared a transparent discount policy which is based on the volume of the samples. 

So after you order more than:

  • 10 samples a discount of 10 % will be applicable to your account. 
  • 20 samples a discount of 20 % will be applicable to your account. 
  • 30 samples a discount of 30 % will be applicable to your account. 

Please apply for the discount to the supplying your user name or sign-in email. The discount code will be send to you via email and you could use it on the regular basis or until you can apply for the even higher discount. 

In case of significant higher volumes than that specified above you can contact us at 

Discounts are not applicable to products that are under SPECIAL OFFER label!