How it works?

After order and checkout we will send you an email with the shipping address where you will send your samples. Based on the samples we advise:

  • For Cannabis or other plant material please send minimum of around 1 g of dried or 10 g of fresh material.
  • For Cannabis or other plant extracts please send at least a 100 mg of material. 
  • For extracts dispersed in oil, tinctures please send at least 1 ml of solution/dispersion.
  • For edible oil samples please send at least 1 ml of oil. 
  • For alcoholic drinks please send at least 1 ml of a liquid. 

Samples are best packed for sending in a tight plastic container or in a plastic zip lock bag and inserted into a bubble envelope. If you are sending a fresh material please wrap it up in a paper towel to minimise water condensation.

To ensure representative results the customer is advised to collect samples from multiple plants/flowers (5-10 plants/flowers if possible), grind and mix the resulting biomaterial and sample around 1g.   

After the samples will arrive to our address you will receive the confirmation email.

After the sample arrival the analysis cycle will start which usually takes about 3 days for sample preparation, recording spectra and reporting results back to you.

After the results will be available you will receive an end email with the pdf report and invoice in attachment. In case you request for secure pdf file encryption we will send you encrypted pdf file with the password key in a separate channel (usually via sms or via other communication channels). 

For report example you can check this page