Cannabis product deformulation

Cannabis product deformulation

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Price above is estimate based on maximum number of possible analytical methods. For exact problem definition and quotation please contact us by email to to provide you with an offer. 

You need to know the composition of your cannabis product? What is it made of? You need to check the supplier or just want to do some reverse engineering? We are right match for you. We can address:

- Formulation composition (excipients, adjuvants, emulgators, solubilizers).

- Cannabinoids composition assay.

- Terpene profile and assay.

- Possible impurities (heavy metals, micotoxines, pesticides)

- Microbiological quality


Additionally we can provide answers to these questions bellow:

    - Is my product full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate?

    - Is my product organic or synthetic in origin?

    - Is my product THC free? 

    - Is my product free of any solvents and residuals?

    - Is my product safe for consumption?

    - Is my product good quality?